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Hike And Fly

Hike & Fly Guide Central Switzerland

Hike & Fly Guide Central Switzerland

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What is it about?

The dream of flying is nothing new. But what has changed massively in recent years is the material. This was also a motivation for the authors to take off into the third dimension. From that moment on, the annoying descents suddenly became the icing on the cake of a beautiful tour. And it's also good to live in the evening with your glider sinking into the sunset.

The authors did not want to claim this incredible feeling of freedom on the mountain for themselves alone. That's why they got together to compile what is probably one of the best and most comprehensive areas for hike and fly in one book.


The growing interest in Hike & Fly is obvious. The ever lighter and smaller equipment is luring many a pilot into new adventures.
But the literature is extremely limited. Especially on the popular flight region of Central Switzerland, almost nothing exists. This book is meant to inspire dreaming and to give the reader an idea of what is possible. With about 60 selected dream tours, we want to animate the paragliding community to go to the mountains.

The palette in the book ranges from easy Hike & Flys to challenging Climb & Flys in steep north faces. As a result, the perfect adventure can be found for anyone and everyone.

The authors did not want to create a classic guidebook, but a collection of ideas that appeals. With beautiful pictures and short texts the readers should be picked up and invited to dream. Each tour is described with the most important information in German and English. In addition, possible dangers and alternatives are pointed out.
It is pointed out once again that especially in aviation, the variable of the air plays a major role. So a simple tour can turn out to be extremely wild and dangerous if the preparations have not been made properly.


German, English


Jonas Käppeli
Dani Perret
Julian Fürsinger

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